Woman is about to be attacked by man with knife, then sees stray pit bull running toward her…

Most news we hear about pit bulls are horrible. People accuse this breed of being violent.

But in the story below, the pit bull by the name of Hero, actually turns out to be a true hero.

Hero is a street dog living in the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee. One day while he was walking in the streets, he heard a commotion and went to see what was happening.

It was a guy with a knife attacking a lady. The woman was a total stranger to the dog but he decided to intervene and help her from the attacker.

In the process of helping the woman, the attacker stabbed him five times.

When two police officials attending to the incident saw the pit bull, they knew that he was truly a hero and thus naming him Hero. They rushed him to be operated. Two times, he was about to die during the surgery process due to the deep wounds he had by the attacker.

Were it not for the two officers who came in time and rushed him for treatment, he would have died of bleeding.

That’s when Carla Welch got to hear his story. Immediately, she knew that Hero needed some help.

Being a founder of a rescue organization known as Fighting For The Bullys, Welch managed to do some online fundraising, which catered for Hero’s medical bills.

In a short clip below, she explains why she thought it wise to help Hero.

She said that to her, Hero was a brave dog who even never had met with the woman nor the attacker.

According to her, Hero, who is now 7 years old, is still friendly to people, and ready for adoption as details can be viewed on the foundation’s Facebook page.

Watch Hero’s courageous act in the video below: