Vets said she has 10% chance of surviving tumor – Moment she learns she’s cancer free will bring you to tears

When Lily was diagnosed with cancer in May, her family was devastated. Dani, her owner was told that her pet was suffering from Hemangiosarcoma. This type of cancer has been number one in claiming the lives of dogs.

The family experienced even a more depressed condition when they knew the only way to remove the tumor is going to cost them a lot of money. If the tumor was cancerous, Lily only had a few months left to live even after they removed the tumor.  The vet treating Lily has 25 years of medicine practice, but it never had a case that came out negative.

The owners of Lily said that they could do anything just to see their dog safe and healthy. Dani went on to give an explanation that they never gave up and they even emptied their bank accounts to save their lovely dog. For them, Lilly is a member of their family and they would do anything for her.

A week later, the vet called with amazing news: the tumor was benign!

Makai sat Lily down to tell her the news, and she took video of the moment that she told Lily she was cancer-free. The sweet pup wagged her tail as as Makai excitedly told her what the vet said:

“Lily, you don’t have cancer! No you don’t! You’re the first case in twenty-five years!”

Lily couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and she couldn’t contain her excitement about being healthy!