Two formerly abused pit bulls meet for the first time – Surprise their rescuers with unexpected reaction

These two pit bulls went through a lot in their lives, Only they wanted is to love each other and play.

Back in 2013, Hope For Paws managed to rescue two pit bulls, Cadence and Chance, they were severely abused and neglected. Their rescue video went quickly viral. The rescuers understood that they can not separate the two friends so they put them together in the same room after being saved from their harsh lives, their reaction when they realized they’re finally saved is absolutely priceless.. They even started dancing together!

Never in the history of the animal world was a creature so misunderstood as a pit bull. A breed that’s banned in certain countries because of its unpredictable and extremely dangerous nature, yet used throughout American history as the canine version of a babysitter. Condemned as vicious, yet described by loving owners as a loyal, affectionate, and gentle dog. But these two, even after so much pain and suffering, all they could do was dance

The moment they felt themselves in a safe environment where no one can ever hurt them, they didn’t hesitate to express their happiness and excitement. It’s a heartwarming thing to see and just another reason to stop dog breed discrimination.

With over 4 million views and still counting, it’s easy to see why this one is so popular!

Who do you think won this pit bull dance-off?