Twin Kittens Refuse To Separate And Help Each Other To Survive

When a cat lives in our house, we no doubt understand that this is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We admire the love that such a small life can show, and we couldn’t imagine a time when there would be no feline in our family.

Of course, we also understand that the cat that lives in our house has access to everything he needs, but this is not the case for all cats. In fact, some have great needs.

This is where the Arlington Animal Protection League comes in. It is an animal rescue service located in the Arlington, Virginia area. One of the most important things about this salvation is that the tiny creatures you care for receive all the help they need.

This is exactly what they set out to achieve when they took a litter of orphan kittens. Each of these kittens was special, but the two siblings had special needs. They needed help 24 hours a day.

One of the foster volunteers, Lauren Strikula, was there to help. She and another volunteer gave the entire litter everything they needed to survive.

“I picked up Jace and Jax when they were eight days old. Saving kittens really does take a village, and it’s only possible when everyone pitches in and helps each other out,” Lauren told Love Meow.

At first, it was touch and went away with little kittens. It was difficult for them to eat from the bottle and they had health problems. At these critical moments, they held on to each other.

“We immediately started both kittens on meds, and happily, it only took a few days before things started improving. I could see a noticeable difference in their moods, and the boys finally began to make significant weight gains.”

Jace was the weakest but he bounced back quickly. Before long, he latched onto the bottle and started eating. “I could have cried at the sight of Jace’s first ear wiggles,” Lauren said.

His brother Jax was inspired by what he saw and began to eat too.

“We affectionately call Jace our little weirdo because he has the goofiest personalty. We are always cracking up over his silly sleeping positions and his quirky antics.”

“You can tell Jax apart from his twin brother because he has a perfect triangle as a blaze and a left white ear,” Lauren said. “Jace’s blaze is a little crooked (like his hat) and he has a right white ear.”

check out these two brothers in the following video:

They started to bond with each other. “This can be harmful for both the kitten being suckled on and the kitten doing the suckling, and it’s critical to nip the behavior in the bud.”

They got a little snuggle lamb and they loved it.

“After all, just like humans during a global pandemic, kittens still need to be able to see and be near each other.”

They now sleep together often as they get older.

“The boys are constantly wrestling with each other. I’ll just glance over at their bed and see a tangle of flailing legs and paws,” Lauren told Love Meow.

“They are the best buds and do everything together.”

Jace loves his brother and wants to play constantly.

They now live with foster families.