She Was Told To Drive Man With His Dog, When They Arrived? She Looked Behind And Saw THIS.. OMG!

Something happened last week and got this lady in contact with a new best friend!

Brandi is an Uber driver. So she gets an order to transport this guy to about 30 minutes off. The man has a dog in the car. When they get to the destination, the guy jumps out and disappears, leaving the dog in the car seat. Brandi turns around and sees the dog, and figures she can call the guy and have him return for his pet. She thought he had genuinely forgotten the animal, only for her to try calling him and find his Uber number disconnected!

Well, now that’s a real situation right there. Brandi calls Uber support for advice, and they tell her she can drop the dog at an animal shelter and be done with all the drama. However, Brandi knows that there’s a possibility of the dog getting euthanized if she turns him over to the shelter, so what does she do? She decides to adopt him right there and then!

Honey will now be trained to detect sugar lows, helping Brandi keep safe in her fight against diabetes. She’s got a purpose now!

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