Toddler serenades her dying cat with ‘You Are My Sunshine’as he’s falling asleep in her arms

Losing your pet is just as hard as losing a member of the family. Dogs and cats are our lovely companions, they sense when we’re happy or sad, they keep us company when we’re alone, they’re loving, loyal and protective. For many people, they’re their only and best friends. But life is hard, one day you may say goodbye to your loyal companion. It would be heartbreaking for adult owners but way more for young kids.

Make sure you have a massive supply of tissues nearby because this touching video is bound to make your cry a river. The clip shows an equally heartwarming and heartbreaking moment when a young girl sings a song called ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to her cat who is passing away.

Abby is only 4-years-old but all of her happy memories of home include her beloved cat Bailey. This loyal cat has been with the family for over 14 years and has developed a close bond with Abby ever since she was a newborn.

The two love to spend time together by reading and singing. They’re both determined to make every minute count, and it seems like Bailey can understand each word that Abby sings perfectly.

Tragically, the song captured on this video would be the last time Abby sang to Bailey before the furriest member of the family passed over that rainbow bridge. Bailey’s kidney failed and she passed away with a few hours after the heartwarming moment was filmed.

When this video was posted online, it instantly touched the heart of thousands of people across the country and even the entire world. The post was shared, liked, and commented on. Hannah, Bailey’s younger sister, also had to suffer through the tragic loss.

In an effort to cheer up the children, dozens of people wrote and sent gifts after seeing the video, as reported here on

Bailey’s mother responded to all of the kind cards and comments by thanking the nice people who decided to give up time out of their day to help during this sad time. She said that the support was helping and that it was nice to see so much love and sense of community when so much negativity is seen online most of the time.

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