Mischievous Golden Retriever escapes house and rings the doorbell to get back in

Marshal is a Golden retriever who sneaked out of his house in Spokane, Washington. After some time, he came back and rang the doorbell so he can be let in. The doorbell’s camera caught him ringing  and knocking on the door and the footage is so adorable!!

Marshall was just 3-months old when he got out of the house for a little adventure. But instead of continuing to run the neighborhood looking for fun, poor Marshall looks absolutely worried as he tries to get owner Greg Basel’s attention by desperately knocking on the front door.

Marshall’s loving owner Greg Basel shared this cute video shot from the home security system, and it quickly went viral online. The viral video shows a worried Marshall pawing or “knocking” at the front door to tell his family he wanted back inside. His freedom run done, Marshall the Golden Retriever was ready to come back to the safety and security of the family home.

But it took several tries before he gets the attention of his family. Marshall also figures out how to push the doorbell button with his nose. Ding dong! Marshall is home! What a smart puppy!

The video was posted online in September of 2018 and has received nearly a million views, with more than 600 thumbs up. Viewers on Facebook were equally enamored of adorable Marshall. The video has received hundreds of comments stating “Good boy”, “Smart dog”, “So cute!”

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