Tiny dog slipped from 9th-floor balcony and started falling – then camera catches terrifying moment passerby trying to catch it

Joao Augusto was walking by a building near his house in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when he noticed a small dog on the 9th floor balcony.

He stopped, trying to see carefully if the Shih Tzu was with its owner or all alone, he wanted to make sure that the tiny dog was safe up there. However, at that moment, the dog slipped and started falling down.

Screen Shot: YouTube/DON !K

The dog was likely to die by the fall if it wasn’t for Augusto who was willing to risk it all for the sake of his neighbor’s tiny dog.

The brave man knew how to position himself in order to be able to catch sweet Mel who found herself in a big trouble.

He stretched his arms and was praying to be able to catch the dog. However, the force sent Augusto to the ground and the dog fell through his arms but was able to get on her feet and didn’t suffer any injuries, not even a scratch.

“I was on the floor for a few seconds but it was from relief. I think that I was in the right place at the right time. I did what I could, the most I could to help. It was a joint effort with the caretaker who acted quickly to help the dog. It was a happy ending,” Augusto told DailyMail.

The heroic act of Augusto became known in whole Sao Paolo, it reached the local newspapers and got a lot of praise. Mel’s owner was grateful to Augusto for saving his dog and promised to be more careful so incidents like this would never happen again.

As for now, he installed a mesh protector on the balcony and is paying closer eye to his beloved dog who has an adventurous spirit and gets into trouble easily.

You can take a look at the rescue in the video below: