Tiny dog has audience completely blown away by her incredible speed record in agility

I wasn’t sure if I was watching a dog running in the field. But it was actually true. Gabby the Papillon shocked everyone including the judges with her speed at the Westminster 2019 Masters Agility Championship.

Gabby is only 3 years old and participaed in the smalled division within the competition at eight inches. What’s even more incredible is she ran the course in record speed, 39,31 seconds.

Agility is an extremely fun dog sports activity. It isn’t as easy as it sounds because it has about 14 to 20 obstacles. Dogs compete in different classes and heights. The winning dog is chosen through speed and the least amount of ‘faults’ done.

Gabby’s handler, Andrea Samuels is amazing at helping Gabby through the challenge. But Gabby is a lone ranger, she likes doing things the way she wants!

Gabby put on an incredibly remarkable performance and almost won the 1st place. but the winner was a Border Collie named Verb that took top honours with a 32.05- second run in the competition’s final round.

Watch faster-than-light Gabby in the video below.