Stubborn Husky refuses to give up front seat – throws loud tantrum that’s leaving millions in stitches

When someone calls shotgun, you have to obey the rules and give them that seat. That’s like Drivers Ed 101.

Those are the rules that Zeus the husky clearly understands. For those who don’t know Zeus, he is the Stubborn Husky who’s famous for his temper tantrums. So it makes sense if Zeus on one day, does NOT want to move to the back seat of the car. Well the reason why?  because he called dibs on the front seat.

Getting him to move was NOT happening today! This video was taken while on vacation up in the Adirondacks in the Summer of 2017! Also, listen for him to say “ha ha” at the end of the video  We get it…we hate sitting in the backseat too!

His hilarious reaction to be told to get in the back seat will have you in stitches… Watch the funny video below: