Stray dogs run up tp two guys and beg them to rescue their drowning friend

Trevor Costelloe and his friend Dave were wandering in an abandoned water park near San Diego, California and recording a vlog about their adventure to post later on YouTube. While they were exploring the area, they were suddenly approached by two stray dogs. The dogs weren’t harmful but they seemed in need of help. The two young men followed them and discovered that another dog was drowning in the water.

As humans and dogs have evolved together for tens of thousands of years, we share a bond closer than that of any other two species. Dogs’ acute senses have been instrumental in helping ancient humans hunt and helping modern humans stay safe and sane.

This is something that two men learned one day when exploring an abandoned water park near San Diego, California. 21-year-old Trevor Costelloe and his friend Dave were exploring the ruins and vlogging about their adventure for youtube.

They were enjoying the modern ruins, empty pools, and dry and graffiti-covered slides. They weren’t sure how far into the park they could get before they were told to leave by security, as they saw a cop car parked out front. About 30 minutes into their trip, they saw a large white husky in the distance.

It was frazzled and clearly a stray dog. Another dog joins the husky, this one a white and grey pit bull. The men decide not to approach the strays, afraid of possible aggression. But after a few moments, Dave decides to get closer. The pitbull sees him advancing and does the same. Suddenly, the husky enthusiastically runs towards Dave. Both dogs reach him and begin wagging their tails and greeting the men.

The two petted the dogs but soon, the dogs reveal their real intentions and lead the boys to a small pool. The men are shocked to see another stray in the pool, who was struggling to keep swimming. He had become stuck after falling into the deep pool and was quickly running out of energy to keep his head above water.

Trevor puts down the camera and approaches the drowning dog but it is too slippery to just pull out. As they think of a way to save the dog, its paddles slowed down and it was clearly getting dangerously weak. Thinking fast, Trevor quickly sets his phone and wallet on the dry ground, just in case he falls into the pool.

He runs back to the pool and the scared pup. He reaches out with his arm and pulls the dog closer, getting a solid grip. In a quick motion, he pulls the dog out of the pool to safety. The dog is instantly grateful and begins wagging its tail and greeting its friends who had gotten the men’s attention. All the dogs’ tails are wagging ferociously, ecstatic to be reunited again.

The husky and the newly free dog turned and ran together to play but the pitbull stuck around a moment with the men, looking towards them graciously. It almost looked like it was thanking them for saving his friend. While exploring an abandoned water park, two men were approached by two stray dogs who led them to a pool with their drowning friend. The men worked quickly to pull the dog out of the pool before it ran out of energy and drown.

Have you ever had an intense experience with a pet before? Would you have been brave enough to approach two strays in an abandoned park? Let us know in the comments and ask your friends what they would do.