Stolen dog missing for months finally rescued – Now watch moment she picks up a familiar scent

Meet Chloe, who was actually a stolen dog dating back a period of more than seven months ago. Her owner thought that he had lost her forever – until a group of good Samaritans decided to utilize social media to reunite the pair. They were a group of volunteers from the “DAS Dogs Collar” group, and located Chloe wandering the streets one day. At first, they thought that she was a stray, but she wasn’t. They ferried her back to the facility and shared a video of her on social media, which went viral. This alerted Chloe’s owner, who couldn’t believe his eyes once he watched the video. He had been devastated ever since he lost her, but he always had hope that he would find her once more.

He quickly made his way down to the shelter to see if it was really Chloe. And as luck would have have it, there she was! The dog was only too happy to see her owner once more, as she had immediately recognized him after catching a whiff of his scent! Their reunion was captured on video and posted on Facebook, the social media tool which had aided in locating and identifying Chloe!
The pair’s story proves that with a little help from technology and a combined effort of kind-hearted souls, lost pets can never be truly lost! Please help missing and stolen dogs like Chloe by sharing their stories, too!

Watch their touching reunion below!