Shelter dog on death row is saved by kind woman – becomes world’s first canine ice skating champion

Chances are, Benny the dog can ice skate better than you. What makes this five-year-old Labrador Retriever truly exceptional is his super skill that rivals most humans. He can ice skate like he was born to do it!

It was Benny’s mom, Cheryl Del Sangrio who was curious to see if Benny would develop a liking to ice skating, a few years back. Since she herself is a professional skating teacher, she was keen on seeing if Benny had any interest in this delicate sport. You can only imagine her surprise and happiness when Benny absolutely loved it!

It basically started when Del Sangrio was teaching her 17-month-old daughter to skate and she figured why not let her adorable pooch try as well. Now Benny has his own skating outfits, along with a custom pair of doggy ice skates. Donning these outfits, she loves to play hockey too. Most bystanders call him a natural on ice.

One striking element that makes this story even amazing is that Benny was a shelter dog. Del Sangrio rescued him and she could not believe that once nobody wanted him. He was almost euthanized as a puppy.

Nowadays, Benny has an awesome time every day showing his skating skills and learning new tricks. We certainly think Benny deserves an Olympic gold medal!

Watch Benny’amazing journey and how he became a good ice skater in the video below: