Rescue Pit Bull Falls in Love with Adorable Kitten and Their Friendship Is Heartwarming

The pit bull has an undeserved bad reputation. They are big and strong dogs and for this reason, they can certainly be dangerous, but violent dogs are usually bred rather than given birth, and we read stories every week about pit bull lovers who are beautiful family dogs.

The peculiarity of large dogs, such as a pit bull, is that they have a very strong jaw, which can be dangerous even in play, especially with small children or small animals.

However, if trained properly, these sweet dogs can make a wonderful and beloved family member. A pit bull named Wesley went viral for the best reasons in the world.

Wesley’s mother is a woman named Maria, and she has been sharing pictures of Wesley on her Instagram account since she first brought him home.

However, things got serious when the family adopted a kitten named Wyatt. It turns out that Wesley and Wyatt became best friends and their friendship is too sweet to be put into words, so Maria felt it was natural to start documenting both of them on Instagram.

When she first brought Wyatt home, she wasn’t sure if the mighty dog ​​and the small cat got along, but she quickly threw that concern out the window. When they got used to each other, they got together.

Now, they’re practically inseparable and they stay cuddled up every chance they get. The unlikely friendship began with playtime, and although Wyatt can get a little rough with Wesley’s ears, the big guy is incredibly patient and completely adores his little buddy. They’ve even started making some human-like facial expressions that keep Maria laughing all day long.

For example, Wesley has a particularly expressive face, as it turns out. Maria says he’s like a “cartoon character” and “you can always tell what he’s thinking.”

Wyatt’s habits are so adorable and when they hug, Wyatt’s purr is so loud you can hear him across the room. He just loves his older brother. Maria says that she was attracted to both of them because of “their strange qualities” and believes that they get along very well with each other because they are both incredibly special souls. And Wesley essentially raised Wyatt, so it’s no surprise that he fell out of love with him apart.
Check out these two adorable creatures in the video below.