Rescue Dog Fails Agility Course In Hilarious Fashion, But Wins First Place In Everyone’s Hearts

Baron Kratu von Bearbum (“Kratu” for short) was saved from abusive owners four years ago by UK-based rescue group Wood Green, and was adopted by his new owner, Tessa Eagle Swan. Tessa is determined to give that lovable Kratu the happy life he deserved.

Kratu then became both a service dog and an ambassador advocating for rescue pups at local dog shows. His adorable and friendly nature appears especially when it’s time to show off his skills. 😉

Crufts, the popular dog show, has a mission to showcase the most brilliant, adorable and nimblest dogs around, but it was Kratu that stole the show in this year’s event. He gave the agility course a shot. And let’s just say he pulls off  quite the memorable performance!

While Kratu may not have succeeded the agility course, he captured the hearts of everyone who watched. The video has gone viral for this reason, and even the announcers got a good kick out the performance! 😀

Kratu would probably have done much better on the course if they weren’t so many fun distractions around! This just proves that dogs are truly special creatures because they find joy in everything and live life to the fullest.

Watch Kratu’s hilarious Crufts performance in the video below and prepare for a good laugh!