Puppy Is Carried off by a Coyote, Then Neighbor’s Friend Springs Into Action

Trixie and Happy will remain BFFs, and that has nothing to do with the modern friendship circles or groupies. Trixie literally owes his life to Happy!

This is about something that happed the day Trixie decided to take a walk alone around the neighborhood. No human was around to watch over him, and that would soon become a huge problem for Trixie.

Trixie had gone for just 5 minutes when it occurred to him that a wild coyote was trailing him. Apparently, the coyote had every intention of feasting on little Trixie. The pup was scared and alone. There was no way out of the dangerous situation. And then the coyote grabbed him!

Turns out, Trixie was never alone! Happy had been watching his next-door friend from a distance, and when he saw what was about to befall Trixie, he sprang into action. It’s all captured in the video here, and you definitely want to see what happened!