Precious moment of baby, kitten and puppy cuddling together ruined by hilarious conclusion

There is just something about babies that we cannot help but resist, whether it’s a human infant, a puppy, or a kitten. And when you combine more than one baby? People just about lose their minds! Perhaps that’s why a video of a baby, puppy, and kitten sharing a snuggly moment has gone viral.

In the video, 6-week-old baby Elsarose lies on a soft, pink blanket, occasionally gurgling and moving her arms and hands. Next to her is Nelda, a labrador who is herself still a puppy at just 8 months old. One of the dog’s front legs is draped cozily over the baby.

But that’s not all! The third, perhaps unlikely member of this trio is the family cat, Pebbles. The tiny kitten is actually perched atop her doggie friend, watching both of the other babies. Finally, Pebbles hops down from Nelda to sit closer to Elsarose while Nelda lays her head down to go to sleep.

The result is a priceless picture that would make anyone melt! Each of the babes is new to the world, and viewers can imagine the three growing up together and forming a lifelong friendship and impenetrable bond.

They’ll play, grow, and learn together and always have a friend to join in on the adventure. For those who might be wary about bringing a baby home to pets or adopting multiple young pets at the same time, this video stands a testament to how well it can work. There isn’t a hint of jealousy or a bad feeling to be found.