Police officer turns to his k9 and makes 1 small action – the dog’s reaction is like nothing you’ve seen

Sometimes we come across videos of dogs pulling off smart tricks, it is incredible to witness them proving to be intelligent.

But there are dogs that are even smarter – like the German shepherd in the video below.

With a good training, a dog can quickly learn and master the most advanced tricks.

I remember one of my friends tried to train his dog, but the only thing he was able to teach him is how to press the “play”-button for the TV. Which, to be honest, proved pretty useful on those lazy days in the couch…

Some people like to learn their dogs funny tricks. But there’s also dogs that actually have to be taught tricks for emergency or life-risking situation – I’m of course talking about our uniformed friends: The police dogs.

Police dogs go through extensive training and are able to perform the most wonderful things. It’s not hard to understand why they are so highly regarded and valued among their human colleagues

If you doubt what police dogs are able to do a quick look at this clip should be all the proof you need to change your mind. No wonder 3,6 million people all over the world has watched the clip!

The dog is lying still on the ground when suddenly the police man makes 1 small gesture. What happens next has the police man behind the camera crying with laughter!