Police dog was shot while chasing down a suspect, now he reunites with his partner again

There are those of us who take it for granted what police officers together with their canine partners go through to serve us. While in their line of duty, they are normally exposed to a lot of risks which lead to injuries or even death. We truly have to appreciate what they do for us to ensure the law is adhered to.

While one hardworking canine officer known as Bruno was in the line of duty, he was shot. They were chasing a suspect when the shot landed on his face. His state needed urgent attention and the police jumped into action and blocked all the roads as he was rushed to hospital. A surgery was recommended by the doctors for the bullet to be removed.

Luckily, the German Shepard survived and today is the day when he is meeting with his best friend. Though officers, R.J and Bruno had been good friends while serving and the incident had made them miss each other.

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