Owner Shocked When Dog Comes Home Shot Through Chest Then One Word on Arrow Reveals The Truth..

Dogs are part of our families.

When Chatfield and Christine’s 9-year-old Labrador was shot with an arrow, they were devastated. The arrow missed the dog’s vital organ by inches.

The couple feels the act was intentional and describe the puppy as loving and kind-hearted.

The couple said their invisible fence had been malfunctioning. Cosmo, the Labrador, was able to escape and roam free in the Ohio wilderness.

A neighbor phoned the Redick’s telling them their dog had been shot. The dog was sitting in the yard with an arrow through his chest.

The Redick’s were asked to choose between euthanization and emergency surgery. They chose the latter, and the x-ray revealed the extent of the damage.

The arrow inside the dog’s body pointed the investigators to the suspect. It belonged to a 16-year-old teenager living in the neighborhood. The boy admitted to shooting the dog. In his defense, he said he thought the puppy was a coyote when he was hunting for a deer.

Cosmo is slowly recovering at home. No charges have been preferred against the boy yet.