Nervous dad is waiting to meet his newborn baby – only to be left surprised when the door swings open

One of the most thrilling moments one could experience in a lifetime is to become a parent for the 1st time. Every moment is ultimately precious to him or her, as expressed by one company in the most unique way possible.

Electrabel is a well-known Belgian company that generates electricity and heat, and supplies electricity and natural gas to millions of its customers. The organization has made headlines after coming up with an absolutely adorable way in the form of a commercial. The main message was to show audience just how much energy it takes to be a parent, in a literal sense. It starts with a dog named Kito, and from his viewpoint, he was about to become a father for the very first time.

Kito found that out the hard way as he had been expecting a new baby pup. Plus, the doggie daddy proceeds to get the surprise of his life when a whole litter of pups gets delivered, right straight to him!

In the video, a bunch of both family photos and moments were shared, leading Kito to realize and discover just how much energy it takes to be a father to 5 ridiculously cute puppies. Our favorite moment is perhaps the most precious one of all. It was when Kito was listening to the pups whimper at night – via the baby monitors!

You don’t want to miss this ad for sure! so take a look at it in the video below: