Doris Stiles Scone and her 12-year-old daughter were shopping at a store on 21st Street in Salt Lake City, Utah, Metro reports. Doris didn’t hesitate to leave her daughter in the dressing room while she went to get another pair of jeans.

What Doris found when she returned to the locker room will stay with her forever.

Upon her return, Doris saw a 36-year-old man trying to register his daughter’s change as he lay on his back under the changing room cubicle.

As soon as he realized he had been caught, the man started running. However, Doris didn’t just scare him. The determined mother followed the man, chasing him into a parking lot two blocks from 21st Street.

Doris called the police and attempted to confront the man herself. She managed to convince a group of men to help her keep him until the authorities arrived.

Wanting to teach the guy a lesson, Doris pulled out her phone and recorded the guy to post directly to Facebook. She said she wanted his face to come out so he wouldn’t look at the stalls anymore.

When Salt Lake City police arrived at the parking lot, they were able to arrest the man, known as Jorge Leon Alfaro. He will now have to appear in court for the crime of voyeurism on a minor under the age of 14.

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