Mom tells her little girl to say goodbye to the dog, now wait til you see their next move

It’s never a boring moment to watch a kid spend some quality times with their beloved pet, and this one here has taken it to a whole new level. You can’t help but fall hard for this!

Sierra is a nice kid, but her niceness triples up when it comes to matters her dog. Her cute canine pet, named Samson, is another cool character that’s so much in love with the kid. That said, you can understand why this smart little lady won’t walk out of the yard without first finding Samson. The real reason will leave you with “wows!”

So every morning, Sierra takes her breakfast like any smart person would, but before heading out for school, she makes sure to say goodbye to Samson. The two hug and kiss before they head out and get ready for their “day jobs.” They’ve to “link” up again in the evening for some more loving!

Watch the adorable bond in the video below: