Mom left her baby sleeping, then the family dog sneaks up and gently covers baby with blanket

Other people comment that it is not advisable to put a baby together with a dog in the same roof. But we have seen huge dogs relating well with little kids – Just as the following video portrays. The clip strongly advocates that dogs are and will be man’s best friend ever!

When this couple came home from the hospital, they took a lot of caution when they decided to introduce the baby to the dog.

Surprisingly, this canine family member saw into it that the baby was tucked in properly. It seems that he wanted to make sure the baby was comfortable and warm. Is it not amazing?

To my opinion, the dogs possess a 6th sense when it comes to human babies, and children living with dogs in their houses can be considered to be lucky.

Towards the end of the clip, the baby is covered by a blanket to keep it warm, and the dog leaves seeing that his part is done. It’s without doubt that the dog and the kid will be great friends in the future.

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