This news devastated Tina and she spent her entire life mourning the loss of her daughter. Shortly after losing her child, Tina married her boyfriend Eric Garder.

Although Tina’s daughter was not his daughter, he loved her and mourned the loss with her. Every year they noticed the dead girl’s birthday, and Tina was depressed by how much she had lost.

Everything changed when Tina received an email from someone she didn’t know saying she had taken a DNA test, and the results indicated that Tina was their mother. That email was from his long-lost daughter Kristen, who was now 29.

Kristen was adopted shortly after birth by a family living in Las Vegas. As if that wasn’t surprising enough, Kristen also shared that she was born transgender and is transitioning into manhood. Kristen also shared that he and his wife both live in New Jersey and have a new baby.

Soon, Tina’s sad life turned into boundless joy. Not only was her baby alive, but she’s also a grandmother now! Tina and Kristen communicate daily and plan to meet soon so Kristen can meet her other siblings and Tina can meet her daughter-in-law and grandson.

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