Mom cow cries all day and night for her lost calf – touching reunion brings internet to tears

A cow will absolutely “cry” whenever its calf is snatched for a long time the same way a human being will react too. This has been scientifically proven that we do have similar maternal instincts.

Karma is a mother cow that was rescued by The Gentle Barn animal shelter. The rescue team was not aware that before the rescue, Mr. Rojas, the calf to karma had been hidden away from his mother so that it can be sold to a person for his Christmas dinner. Karma cried all night long back at the animal shelter which made the rescuers realize that she was missing her calf. The team demanded to have Mr. Rojas back, of which they were successful. The following clip demonstrates the reunion of Karma and Mr. Rojas.

When karma spotted a truck pull up, she badly calls out hoping that her calf is inside it. When Karma sees her child getting out of the truck in a wasted state, she cries out loudly making one to be emotionally stricken. Upon seeing her mother, Mr. Rojas first drops down at her mother’s feet filled with emotion, before getting up on his feet. This is a clear proof of how strong the mother-child bond is.

Apart from housing more than 200 abused animals, Gentle Barn which was started in 1999 in Santa Clarita, California, gives shelter to abused children, adopted children and also those children who require special attention. From this animal –kid interaction, the children learn to be brave, kind, trustworthy and courageous.

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