In a 2021 Eddie Trunk Podcast interview, Nancy disclosed that during a dinner following the tribute event, Plant confessed to having harbored a negative sentiment towards “Stairway to Heaven” due to its frequent mishandling by performers. However, Heart’s rendition prompted a change of heart. Nancy also highlighted the significance of having Bonham’s son join them onstage, evoking an emotional reaction from the group.

“He was like the little kid who grew up with them, akin to his uncles. So, I’m sure that added to the emotional response they experienced during the song,” Nancy reflected.

Yet, in a recent interview with Vulture in January 2023, Plant acknowledged feeling “estranged” from “Stairway to Heaven” as it took on a life of its own. It became ubiquitous, played at weddings and in guitar shops, covered repeatedly by other artists.

“It started as something intimate, vulnerable, and sincere, but as the years passed, it ceased to be ours, nor should it be,” Plant remarked.

He admitted being taken aback by the song’s enduring recognition, especially after previously declaring Led Zeppelin’s end following Bonham’s passing. Nevertheless, Plant expressed genuine admiration for Heart’s “spectacular performance,” describing it as a “we’re not worthy” moment, even for them.

“It’s an awe-inspiring performance to witness, and it strikes me deeply every time. It affects me in multiple ways. It’s just, oh my God,” Plant concluded.

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