Mom bribes baby with food so he’ll say “Mama”, dies of laughter when dog says it instead

Here’s something that’s sure to make your day.

Now, this video is new to YouTube, but you won’t believe just how viral it is right now. You see, when you happen to have a cute toddler and a smart dog under the same roof, you tend to keep laughing at all the funny moments the two adorable creatures keep dramatizing in the house.

But although this case still involves a kid and a dog, it’s exceptional in its own great way. You haven’t met or heard a talking dog before, aren’t you? Well, it just looks like you’re about to hear one of them say “mama.”

The funniest thing is that these two are actually involved in a tough competition for some food in a fork, and mama is the referee. Whoever says the name first gets to swallow the spicy bite.

Watching the clip, it’s very clear that the toddler knows what’s going on, and the fact that he doesn’t like being challenged is evident when he even tries to shove the dog away. Hilarious!

Mom is cracking up, and you too. That’s guaranteed.