Man Thinks Farm Animals Died in Hurricane. The Moment They Find Them In Ruins Will Have You in Tears

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc and displaced people and animals from their homes. It is estimated that the damages amount to 180 billion dollars.

While it was easy for humans and small pets to evacuate, the big animals had a slim chance. Lester Morrow was a victim of the natural disaster. He is a school teacher in Texas.

Lester owns a  500-acre farm and he loves his animals because of their unique personalities. When he was forced to evacuate, he moved his animals to the highest ground possible. He kissed them goodbye and made a prayer.

The storm ended and Morrow went to assess the damage on his farm. He was sure he had lost all he had including the animals.

He returned to his farm and recorded the experience. The pathway is flooded and scattered with numerous items collected by the rising flood.

Moments later, something unexpected happens. Morrow spots an animal from a distance. He stops for a minute and almost sobs.  He sees his big and black pig making her way towards him.

Seconds later, he sees Meg, his pregnant goat.

His three beautiful horses are alive and kicking too.

Even Irma Jean, his donkey survived the floods.

The video has received warm reactions from the viewers.