Man finally finds his missing dog running across field – then realises he’s not alone

Bo is a friendly dog who is full of energy and loves going on adventures. Bo recently found himself becoming a viral sensation after his latest adventure stole the hearts of internet users everywhere.

Bo is a black Labrador who recently left his family’s Kansas home in the middle of the night to go explore the surrounding fields. Since Bo did not let his owners know about his plans, they were very worried when they woke up the next day to find him gone.

Kyle Krier, Bo’s dad, searched everywhere for him. Eventually, Kyle heard that a dog fitting Bo’s description had been sighted playing in a field 6 miles away. He hopped in his truck to go and investigate, and much to his surprise, it ended up being a good thing that he had a big vehicle.

Kyle had no idea that Bo was not alone.

“It was one of those stories that you tell your family and friends and they don’t believe you,” Kyle recalled.

When Kyle got to the field, he found that Bo was there with two new friends: another dog and a goat! Kyle recognized the dog and goat as Ozzy and Libby, who live with the Krier’s neighbors, Chris and Shawna Huggans.

Clearly, Bo had hatched his adventurous plan with the help of Ozzy and Libby!

“It’s difficult to say if Bo the black Lab or Libby and Ozzy were the culprit in starting the adventure. But, nonetheless, they escaped. They’re pals for sure,” Shawna said.

Thankfully, these three adventurers are now home safe with their families.

Watch this trio in action in the video below!