Man broke his neck on icy steps and was freezing to death—Only his faithful dog heard his screams

On New Year’s Eve, Bob was at his home in Michigan, waiting for the count-down to 2017. As he watched TV, he figured he could also go out fast and grab a log to add into the fireplace to keep the house warm. That’s when it happened to him!

Bob fell and broke his neck. He lay in the snow, the freezing cold biting at him from all over. He screamed for help, but none came immediately since his nearest neighbor was almost a quarter mile away. But his dog, Kelsey, heard his owner’s voice and came out.

Kelsey stayed with Bob all the while he lay there, barking and trying to attract attention for someone to come along and help Bob. The two best friends braved the skin-biting cold for the next 20 hours, until Bob was finally rescued. He was taken to the hospital and treated.

Kelsey is now receiving lots of toys, love and praise for his act of bravery and loyalty. Indeed, the dog is man’s best friend.