Man Adopts A Senior Dog, Then One Day The Dog Stops On Their Walk And Looks Up At Him.. Hear-Warming!

The iconic Singer-Songwriter Yusuf Islam formerly known as Cat Stevens has been famous for his songs that we have been enjoying repeating them through the years. Well, Turned out, Yusuf is one cool dog person.

He recently donated his very first big hit song, “I Love My Dog,” to PETA for use in their new video in celebration of National “Adopt a Shelter Pet Day” on April 30th.  You won’t be able to hold your tears of joy when you watch this…

In the promo, the music plays as images reflect the close bond between a man and his adopted canine friend.
“A dog will love you unconditionally, whether you’re on top of the world or in the pits,” Yusuf says. “PETA and I encourage everyone to visit their local animal shelter today and open their heart and home to an animal in need.”

This message is very important and needs awareness, that is why, don’t hesitate to share this article once you’ve watched the beautiful video below.

Sadly there are millions of dogs in this world living in overcrowded shelters who need forever homes.  Let’s do our best to help them out! Remember to adopt not buy. With this simple yet huge act, we will help change the lives of so many dogs for the good.