Lonely widow finds joy in life again – when the neighbor’s giant dog starts to visit her every day

At 92, Sally hasn’t been so active since her hubby passed away in 1990. Her children aren’t around and she mostly lives all by herself. She has been lonely, but that ended the day she received a very special guest into her house. This is getting interesting!

So this neighbor had a dog but he unfortunately died. They got another cute little Saint Bernard and named him Brody. Now Brody has changed old Sally’s life forever!

It all started the day Brody was brought home by the neighbor, and then he went out and wandered onto the streets and found himself on Sally’s front door. Sally opened the door for him and the two “clicked” instantly. They’ve been the greatest of best friends ever since.

The little pup follows the old lady everywhere, from checking the mail to moving around the house and all. He even makes sure to hop into her car whenever she’s going out. Sally confesses that she’s now more active, all because of this nice and lovely canine.

Watch the heartwarming video below: