Lazy dog refuses to budge from bed. Now watch when owner shouts the magical word

The moment a dog lays on a human’s bed, it’s done and there is no turning back. The dog gets obssessed with the bed and refuses to turn to his old bed. He likes the new big comfortable bed.. It’s like they say, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” Some dog owners don’t mind their pets sleep with them on their beds, but when your dog refuses to get off the bed when it’s time to change out the sheets, it can become frustrating, such in the video below.

Max the yellow Lab is enjoying his time on the bed and doesn’t care if the bed has sheets on it or not. The mattress is just fine the way it is. But mom needs to do her household chores so she can sit and relax. So mom asks her dog to get of the bed.

“C’mon, big baby. Get off mama’s bed.” Max isn’t having it. But mom has already a trick up her sleeve  “You want a treat? Would you get off the bed for a treat?” The only reaction she gets from that is some serious side-eye. The dog is not willing to do that anytime soon!

She grabs the stubborn dog’s paw and gives it a shake as she lets out a chuckle. She’s going to have to pull out the big guns for this one. She hates to do it as she doesn’t like to have to tease her good boy, but desperate times call for desperate measures. She says the magic phrase, and the dog is up and running!

Watch how the dog finally gets off the bed and learn what’s mom’s trick in the video below: