During her August 2022 performance at the MetLife Stadium as part of the Chromatica Ball tour in New Jersey, Lady Gaga displayed her emotional side, acknowledging the crowd as “the largest audience that has ever come to see just me.” The enthusiastic audience enthusiastically embraced her greatest hits and high-energy dance tracks but also felt deeply moved during the more tender and heartfelt moments of the evening.

One such moment occurred when Lady Gaga paused to share her thoughts about her dear friend, Tony Bennett.

“Tony used to be my neighbor in New York. In a way, he still is my neighbor,” she reflected. She continued, “Whenever I see Tony or spend time with him, I’m always reminded to stay focused on my path in life. It’s something he consistently taught me – to always move forward.”

Lady Gaga also expressed her gratitude for Tony Bennett’s wife, Susan, who is constantly by his side, even though Tony couldn’t be present that night. She shared, “Even though Tony couldn’t be here tonight, Susan, I want us all to remember this moment,” before launching into a heartfelt rendition of “Always Remember Us This Way” from her 2018 film “A Star is Born,” accompanied by her own piano performance

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