The dog in question, named Baby Boy, was a fluffy white bundle of fur that made a surprising appearance in the courtroom. The woman who was the defendant asserted that she had bought the dog for a mere $50 outside a shopping mall, firmly claiming sole ownership. The man who had brought charges against her couldn’t hold back his tears as he passionately explained that Baby Boy meant as much to him as a child would.

Despite the woman’s presentation of photographs and veterinary paperwork to establish her ownership of Baby Boy, Judge Judy maintained a skeptical view regarding the true owner of the pet.

In an unprecedented move, Judge Judy came to the realization that the only being capable of determining Baby Boy’s rightful owner was the dog himself! With the dog present in the courthouse, she had someone carefully place him on the floor, instructing them to observe who he would gravitate towards first. The entire courtroom held its breath as Baby Boy made his own choice, thus revealing his true owner. The heartwarming reunion was fortunately captured on camera.

In the end, it was revealed that Baby Boy belonged to the man. A viral video of this emotional reunion continues to draw attention even after a decade, amassing over 7.8 million views and numerous comments celebrating this touching moment. As one observer aptly put it, “If a grown man is brought to tears upon reuniting with this dog, it undeniably belongs to him.

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