Kitten is terrified at first night in her new home – but when they introduce her to their dog, everything changes

We all love pets but taking home a new pet can be hectic, more so if it’s a baby. In the video below we meet Rosie, a kitten who finds hardship in adapting to her new home on the first days.

Her new owners noted that she was becoming sluggish and impassive on her first night, so they let Lilo, their dog to handle the issue. Lilo had a motherly character although she never had her own puppies. Maybe with some cuddling from Lilo, all would be okay for Rosie.

By looking at her size, Rosie is about 8 weeks old, which is enough for her to be adopted. Maybe due to the age factor, she might be in search for somewhere to suck milk from! It’s normal for a baby animal to look for love and care from another harmless animal however from another species, although it’s shocking to see a mature animal being a foster parent to another species the way Lilo has.

Unlikely Friendships, a book by Jenny Holland who is a writer at the National Geographic says that this type of relationship is mostly seen on domesticated animals, the reason being the laws of instincts. She also says that the young ones are taken care of instinctively so as to see them grow up and pass on the DNA. This makes it difficult then to understand why take care of an animal in need. Jill Goldman, Applied animal behaviorist, comments that this has to do with the wish to develop mutual beneficial relationships, which seems to be the reason why wild animals obtain protection in large numbers.

Whatever reason is, Lilo assumed the role of a mother, and her taking care of Rosie is amazing. Watch the video to see how Lilo helped Rosie adapt to her new home.