Hero K-9 tracks and finds missing 3-year-old autistic boy in only 28 minutes

Dogs are one of the most loved animals to me. I don’t care about the breed, whether it’s a big fluffy Golden Retriever, or a cute little Chihuahua or a tough protective German Shephered. They’re all beautiful, but each dog has a special skill that makes it different from the others, like a bloodhound.

The Bloodhound (also known as the St. Hubert hound and Sleuth Hound) is a large breed of dog which, while originally…

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One thing drives a bloodhound. That’s tracking a scent. It’s what makes them a valuable asset when it comes to finding a lost person. They can go for miles and miles trying to find that scent.

Their tenacity and obsession with scent can make them a challenging pet. But, those characteristics make them some of the best working dogs. They are naturals in finding trails and seeking lost humans. On September 15th, the bloodhound showed its prowess in a search for a lost child. It only took one dog 28 minutes to do the job in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

A young boy named Aedric has autism. The 3-year-old got away from his grandmother’s house while she was using the bathroom. She had locked the front door with a deadbolt, but this smart youngster unlocked it and took off. He headed into the nearby woods and didn’t come back.

Aedric’s mother, Audra Hughes, got a phone call that chilled her to the bone. “Your child is missing. Get home right now.” It’s a phone call no mother ever wants to get. Law enforcement came quickly and started scouring the area, looking for the boy. They couldn’t find him. They made the call for backup.

One of the department’s canine officers responded to the call. “Once the dog hit the ground, it was 28 minutes until we got the child,” Sheriff Bob Johnson was quoted as saying in the Miami Herald. While the dog’s name wasn’t given, it was present at the news conference held the next day.

Aedric’s mother was over the moon when word got back the boy had been found. It was definitely the best news she had heard in her entire life. Her little boy is back home where he belongs. A few bug bites and scrapes, but overall healthy and ready for another adventure.

Praise came in for the quick work done by the bloodhound as well as the diligence of the police in finding the boy. Aedric was present at the news conference. The police gave him a giant stuffed animal wearing a shirt. It will likely become a prized possession. Hopefully, the only thing he will remember is a happy dog greeting him after a scary adventure.

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