Grandma horrified when Pit Bull snaps at her grandkids, then realizes he just saved their lives

From a young age, we’ve always heard, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, most people can’t stop themselves- even when it comes to dogs.

When seeing a pit bull, people assume they’ll be mean and aggressive. Contrary to their popular stereotype, most pit bulls have just as much love and loyalty as any other dog.

After what happened earlier this month, Melissa Butt became even more confident in her pit bull’s loyalty and love than ever.

In southwest Florida, Melissa worked outside at her home while her grandchildren, Zayden and Mallory, played.

Out of nowhere, her dogs Paco and Slayer started barking at the grass.

Immediately, her daughter Cynthia rushed the kids inside. As Melissa looked around, she saw what they were barking at. A copperhead snake hid in Melissa’s grass.

Irritated by the dogs, the snake bit both pups.

“That’s when Slayer grabbed the snake in his mouth and killed it,” Melissa recalled.

After rushing them to the vet, Melissa learned that their condition was getting too serious. The vet recommended her to take them to BluePearl emergency vet nearly 40 minutes away.

Slayer’s face swelling and breathing becoming harder, Melissa needed to stop herself from speeding. She did this to avoid getting pulled over while her dogs were in such bad condition.

When she finally arrived at the vet, they immediately gave the dogs antivenom treatments. Thankfully, they made it there in time and both dogs survived.

Paco went home after one night in the hospital, but Slayer’s face became swollen. He became so swollen he could barely get his tongue out.

After another dose of antivenom and more love and care, Slayer finally left the hospital.

Melissa feels so thankful for her dogs for putting their own lives at risk to save her grandkids and she’s making sure they know it!

“The dogs are very rightfully being very, very spoiled right now,” she said. “We spoiled them before. They’re ultraspoiled now.Our pets aren’t pets, They are 100 percent family members; this just proves they deserve to be.”