German Shephers puppies are hyperactive. Mom’s genius solution tires them in adorable fashion

Being a parent to a human child is hard, but now can you imagine raising a litter of hyperactive puppies who don’t ever seem to want to cooperate, let alone give their poor doggy parent time to relax.

This is probably one of the reasons why so many animal parents stop caring for their kids as soon as they can take care of themselves, but dogs typically take care of their pups for at least the first two to three months of their lives.

So what is a German Shepherd mommy to do when her little ones seem to have an unlimited supply of puppy energy? She has to come up with a creative way to tire them out, preferably one which involves the shepherd half of her DNA.

The sweet moment was caught on video, and it couldn’t be more adorable. It’s evident that she’s a wonderful mother! Watch it below: