Ex-war dog hadn’t seen his handler for 2 years, loses it when they let go of his leash

Django and Sheldon Holland are best friends, they share an unbreakable bond after working as military partners for several years ago in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  But then Sheldon had to go away to finish a contract with an American K9 leaving his dog Django behind. But he promised him that he will do his best to bring him to South Africa one day so they can live together.

Sheldon kept his promise. Django arrived in South Africa at Johannesburg’s quarantine kennels, and when he got there, Sheldon was already waiting for him. Get your tissues ready, because their emotional reunion captured in the video below will bring you to tears.

You can watch as Django gets so excited and runs to his best friend in the entire world.

Take a look at Django and Sheldon’s reunion in the video below. The friendship that these two share is obviously so special to them both. Share away, people.