Dog trapped in sewage gutter cries out for help, Then rescuers get closer and discover heartbreaking truth

Animal Aid Unlimited were informed about a puppy screaming from a sewage gutter. When they arrived on scene, they indeed find the poor dog, but they had no idea what was hurting the dog so badly. He kept crying out for help.

They felt something wrong is going with him, they got closer and that’s when they discovered deep injuries on his legs. They immediately started their rescue operation. First they cover the dog with a blanket so they can pick him up and carry him to the vehicle.

At their facilities, rescuers proceeded with the necessary treatment to suture the wounds. Those wounds were very deep and that put the dog in so much pain that he kept crying. Two weeks later, with rescuers’ attention love and care, the adorable dog got up on his feet as strong and healthy as ever!

The dog was found in so much terror, but it all quickly turned into trust. Meet Felix today!