Dog starts finds something strange at beach and starts barking —then owner realizes it’s an animal in distress

In the UK, there’s the Criccieth Beach, and that’s where Rich was shooting some photos when his dog went nuts with wild barking.

Leia, the dog, had spotted something in the shallow waters, and he needed his owner to come over and have a look, so he let him know.

At first, Rich thought it was a shark that had gotten stranded, but he had a shock when he took a closer look.

A baby dolphin had been abandon at the shallow waters of the shore, and she desperately needed someone to guide her back into the ocean. Rich took it upon his kind-hearted self to do just that, lifting the animal gently and pointing its way into its habitat. He even got a little creative and encouraged the small dauphin to sojourn on into the waters.

Rich and his dog didn’t stop there. In fact, they stuck around for about an hour to make sure the cute creature wasn’t washed back to the shores. They also informed the coastguard about it.

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