Dog spots a bird drowning in pool – his instincts take over as he runs instantly to save its life

A Golden Retriever is being hailed as a hero after a video went viral showing him save the life of a bird who was drowning in a pool.

Yago is a 6 year-old dog who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina with his owner, Mariana Corti. Recently, Mariana looked out her window one day to see a bird struggling in her pool. Yago saw the bird as well, and he did not hesitate to take action.

Without hesitating, Yago ran outside to the pool with the sole goal of saving the bird’s life. Standing on the pool’s edge, the dog reached towards the bird, who understandably began flapping frantically. The bird thought that the dog was trying to kill it, having no idea that Yago was really trying to save it’s life.

Finally, Yago was able to grab the bird with his mouth and pull it out of the water before depositing the creature on the grass.

“Once he’d got it on the floor, he left it alone,” Mariana said. “When the bird was dry, it flew away.”

Golden retrievers were initially bred to retrieve game birds for hunters, but in this situation, Yago used his retrieving instincts to save the life of a creature in need.

“I couldn’t have been prouder,” Mariana said of her heroic dog.

God bless Yago for saving this bird’s life! This just goes to show how amazing and loving dogs really are. They do so much good in the world!

Check out the rescue for yourself below.