Dog sneaks out from home every day after owner’s death – Then one day, son follows him

They say that a dog is the only creature that gives you all the love like no other. It is because of this that dogs remain faithful to their owners. And if the bond is strong, believe me that there can be nothing possible to break it apart. An example of such friendship is seen in the clip below, where we find a dog by the name of Cesur, living in Bursa, Turkey.

Mehmet Ilhan, a 79-year man, had a pet dog by the name of Cesur. The two were best friends for many years according to a confession of the old man’s son, Ali, gave recently while being interviewed.

Ali said that his dad was paralytic, something that brought about a unique connection between him and the pup. Commenting, Ali said that the dog refused to eat because his owner was hospitalized. But this is not what shocked people.

Everybody was stunned to see Cesur’s reaction when the owner passed on. He was mourning the loss of his owner and friend when the body was brought home for burial. It was Cesur who was leading the multitude to the mosque, where he laid his head to rest on Mehmet’s casket. He never allowed anyone to touch him till his owner was laid to rest.

Though Ali inherited Cesur, the dog still was missing his real owner. He would disappear from Ali’s home and go to be with his owner at the cemetery.