Dog howled for 9 days after being dumped by her family in a parking lot

Samantha was found howling for her family to come back after she was left behind in an abandoned parking lot of Sam’s Club in Memphis, Tennessee. This lovely white puppy kept looking into empty cars and hoping someone will rescue her until someone finally did hear her prayers. Mary Murphy from Arrow Dog Rescue rescued her on the 9th day.

In the beginning, the doggie was skeptical of everyone.

She wouldn’t be comfortable with a stranger’s touch. It seemed that all she wanted was to go back home to her family. Mary looked at this calmly. She then brought her dog with her.

Samantha went to a shelter. The staff there posted her story on various social media. The posts got a lot of traction. People soon started filing in with adoption queries.

The shelter chose the most suitable home for this little doggie. And while she was still traumatized by her previous owner’s harsh abandonment, this family was willing the wait for her to come around. And come around, she did. Today, Samantha is probably the happiest dog you will ever see, running around and playing with al family.

Don’t believe us?

Watch the video below to see what a beautiful rescue this ended up being.

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