Dog forced to live in tiny cage for 2 years becomes deformed. Now he’s getting a second chance at life

This poor doggy was kept in a cage for two long years. The cage was small for his size and he had to hunch over to be able to fit in. Because of that, his body became deformed and dwarfed because he couldn’t grow.

Hunk alert:Before and after!! Just wanted to perk up your afternoon and show you the amazing transformation of Landis….

Gepostet von Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs am Samstag, 19. September 2015

In Georgia, a shelter helped Landis break out of his cage. They took him away from his life of confinement and misery.

He went to the animal hospital immediately to get checked out. They hoped there was something they could do to help his hunched back and his flat feet.

Landis stayed at the shelter while he got care. In comparison to his previous life, the shelter was a place of paradise for Landis.

Then, the shelter reached out to Second Chance Rescue located in New York City. They needed assistance in helping with Landis’s case. They took him in. There, he got medical treatment and went to physical therapy and hydrotherapy. They worked with him to help straighten out his body.

Before and after. Only 3 months of love and care. How do you think I look? I am walking all the way up on my paws. Life is good 🙂

Gepostet von Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs 8 am Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Even though he went through a horrible and torturous upbringing, Landis became a very gentle and sweet dog that received the love and attention he needed from everyone he met.

Soon after getting treatment, he found a forever home with a family that loves him located in Massachusetts near Cape Cod. He can go to the beach all the time and run in the sand. He has two rescue siblings to keep him company in his fenced-in backyard.

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