Dog follows owner outside and gets lost – finds her way back home for Christmas all because she believed

“Believe — we’ve got everything else you need.”

Yes, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. All those decorations that lit the towns up and make our eyes sparkle in excitement are a reminder that the best days are just around the corner. All the delicious food, the family gatherings, and the Christmas tree, remind us of the beauty of the holiday we all wait in anticipation.

However, this year’s Christmas commercial from Meijer is about the most important thing we should never let go of, and that’s believing. When the sweet little dog Lily found herself locked outside the house, a beautiful adventure that stole our hearts took place. Not knowing where to go she decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, but sadly, she got lost. However, the holiday’s spirit helped her found her way back.

Once her Dad shuts the door without realizing Lily followed him outside, she turns to the snowman and then runs around to check out the reindeer. The curious dog then sees a car she decides to chase across. But that’s a bad decision, because she’s left sitting alone in the middle of the road.

All of a sudden something magical happens. Something appears in the sky and that’s the sign the lost puppy needed. She starts following it and it leads her home. She barks in excitement and her parents hear her and let her in. Lily enters the house and gets next to the fireplace where the real magic happens. But, Lily never stopped believing!

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