Dog drowning in frozen pond cries out for help, Then a hero takes off clothes and rushes onto ice

When a man in Russia spotted a dog in a very sticky situation, he knew he had to act fast. Thankfully, this Good Samaritan managed to rescue the panicking dog who was drowning in a frozen pond.

The dog was running over the frozen pond chasing ducks who were waddling by. Unfortunately, the stray dog managed to find some thin ice and he fell straight into the frozen pond.

The Russian man had spotted the dog struggling for his life in the frozen pond and he immediately ran towards the dog. He had no shoes or shirt on as he ran towards the dog across the frozen pond.

As he got close, he knelt down so that he could try and grab the dog who appeared to be caught up in some sort of rope or netting. Each time the Russian man tried to put his arm close to the dog, it would snarl at him.

At one point, the dog in the frozen pond bit the Russian man on the hand

By now, the situation was getting scary. The Russian man knew he had to act fast to save the drowning dog. Thankfully, he managed to get his arm on the scruff of the dog’s neck before he yanked him out of the water and away.

The unnamed man then wandered away cautiously from the hole back to safety. Local authorities soon arrived and checked on the dog bite on the man’s hand. Thankfully, he was fine and the stray dog was taken to safety. I guess not all heroes wear capes… some wear not much at all!

Watch how this brave man saved the poor dog from drowning in frozen pond below: