Dog crashes weather forecast on live TV, But the weatherman’s reaction steals the show

TV meteorologist Khambrel Marshall was delivering the local weather forecast when the cutest little surprise wandered onto the set. The fluffy white pup interrupted the live broadcast for news station KPRC 2 in Houston, Texas, but it made for some great TV!

Angel was slated to appear in the next segment to try to find him a forever home, but he apparently couldn’t wait any longer to get in front of the people! The weatherman had the greatest and sweetest reaction to it all and even asked the pup if he wanted to do the segment with him.

After the most adorable weather forecast of all time, it was time for Angel’s originally scheduled appearance. Khambrel sat down with Sara McAllister of the Houston Humane Society and to talk about the sweet pup and the process of finding a forever home for him.

“He obviously loves weather — or weather people,” Khambrel said

Hopefully, some of the viewers who got fond of the puppy will decide to adopt him for he is a real celebrity now.

Take a look at the unexpected encounter that put smile on everyone’s face.